In the first meeting that was held in Granada, Spain from 14 to 18 October 2019, the objectives of the program were set, the dates of the transnational meetings were finalized and the actions of each partner were launched.

More specifically:

• January 2020 - Turkey: Scientific Conference entitled "Discovering the Roots of European Culture through Musical Art"

• May 2020 - Kavala: Festival entitled: "Singing and Making Melody in Your Heart" dedicated mainly to worship music, with guided tours of archaeological sites, workshops, lectures, concerts etc.

• November 2020 - Trikala: Artistic imprint - creation of image (s) referring to 'Angels' in the broad sense of the word.

• March 2021 - Italy: International Scientific Conference entitled "The Apostle of the Nations Paul, the Apostle of Europe"

• May 2021 - Portugal: Program evaluation and evaluation.



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