LTT (Learning/Teaching/Training Activities) in ITALY/ MAZZARINO


Title: “International Conference: Discovering the cultural roots of Europe: Greco-Roman world, Christianity through the Art”

The 3rd meeting of the partners took place in Mazzarino, Italy 14-18 March 2022, where the students participated in the conference held there with the thematic title: “Discovering the roots of European culture through art”.
On the first day of the opening of the Conference, our students presented two papers, one on theater and one on architecture.
They collaborated with speakers/students from the other schools, as well as with the Academics from Italy and Greece who took part in presenting their presentations.
Everyone together exchanged opinions and thoughts in search of a common cultural heritage.
On the last day, the following was highlighted in the text of conclusions:
• Art is self-evidently the simplest and most accessible international language for every human being
• Historical and artistic monuments of each place cannot be isolated exclusively to it, as they belong to all humanity and this is not only true because of their value, but also because traces of other cultures are already engraved in it from the past.

Moreover, students and teachers had the opportunity to visit:
1) Akraganta of Sicily, one of the most prominent cities in Greater Greece, whose historical center belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site.
2) Palermo, a city that has a great history and tradition in gastronomy, architecture, and culture, with a history of over 2,700 years.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

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