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Mikis Theodorakis

The dates for this activity are transfered

from 13 to 17 of May 2021

LTT (Learning/Teaching/Training Activities) in GREECE/ KAVALA

Leading Organisation: MUSIC HIGH SCHOOL OF KAVALA.

Title: “Creating a Choral Ensemble - Preparing and Organizing an International Student Festival on Music”.


The Municipality of Kavala, the Holy Metropolis of Philippi, Neapolis & Thassos , the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and the Music High School of Kavala invite you to Kavala from 06 to 11 May 2020 to the festival co-organised in honour of Apostle St. Paul.

This year’s events are dedicated to the composer Mikis Theodorakis, one of the most important living Greek composers, who spent his childhood in various towns of the Greek countryside, and consequently was influenced by the traditional melodies and at a very early age decided to divide his life between music and struggles for humanitarian values. His early choral works, like the Tune of Kassiani came up because there existed “a living tradition in church and choral works”. From Mytilene to Kephalonia and from Giannena to Tripolis traditional Greek melodies have left their imprint upon the works of Mikis Theodorakis.


Application Form

In case you intend to participate in the School Festival, please fill in and send the Application Form no later than the Friday 20/12/2019

Schedule Summary


Thursday, 07.05.2020

  • 16.00 Experiential Workshops (For the students from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Russia)
  • 20.30 Official inaugural event.

Friday, 08.05.2020

  • 16.00 Experiential Workshops.
  • 19.30 Presentation of Music Ensembles of participating Music Schools with free election programme, in chosen areas of the city of Kavala

Saturday, 09.05.2020

  • 11.00 Experiental Workshops
  • 17.00 Seminars Lectures
  • 20.00 Welcoming event

Sunday, 10.05.2020

  • 8.30 The participating students of Music Schools chant in the Divine Liturgy in the churches of the city
  • 11.00 Experiential Workshops
  • 20.30 The students of the Greek Music Schools and Foreign Schools co-operate and interpret works of Byzantine, Greek Traditional and Symphonic Music in the archaeological site of Philippi

Monday, 11.05.2020

  • 10.00 Award of commemoratives End of the event.
You can find the material in the following link:

Terms and Conditions

Music Ensemble of you School could perform a concert of its choice, duration 30’, in a selected public space of our city.
Note: In this case, please send the scene shot of your music ensemble to
An example is attached here:
All participating Students have to cooperate in a unique music ensemble and to perform the works announced in this Call for Participation. The following Experiential Workshops will be held:
- Vocal Ensemble of European Music- Instructor/Conductor: Dimitrios Karvounis
- Organic Ensemble of Traditional Music- Instructor/ Conductor: Christos Tsiamoulis
- Byzantine Choir- Instructor/Conductor: Dr. Chrysovalantis Ioannidis
- Vocal Ensemble of Traditional Music- Instructor/Conductor: Sophia Neochoritou

Note: For this performing all Participating Students are requested to have:

- Music stand for musical instruments performers
- Black clothing


a) It is essential for the participation of your students in the workshop of Vocal Ensemble of European Music under the conduction of Mr. Karvounis to send to by Wednesday 01/04/2020 the latest a recorded short sample of chosen works of your vocal ensemble.
b) It is essential for the participation of your students in the workshop of Organic Ensemble of Traditional Music under the conduction of Mr. Christos Tsiamoulis to send to by Wednesday 01/04/2020 the latest a recorded short sample of chosen works of your ensemble.
You may attend the following seminar- lecture if you wish:
“Lorca in the music of Mikis Theodorakis” by Nikolaos Giamalis




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