LTT (Learning/Teaching/Training Activities) in GREECE/ KAVALA

Leading Organisation: MUSIC HIGH SCHOOL OF KAVALA.

Title: “Creating a Choral Ensemble - Preparing and Organizing an International Student Festival on Music”.

Singing & Making Melody in your Heart

envoy of HOPE
Mikis Theodorakis

05 -09/05/2022

The Municipality of Kavala, the Holy Metropolis of Philippi, Neapolis and Thasos, the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Music School of Kavala, are happy to invite you to Kavala from 05th - 09th May 2022, to participate in the festival co-organized in honor of Apostle Paul, under the title:

«Singing and Making Melody in your Heart…»

On the occasion of the recent passing of Mikis Theodorakis, this year's 6th in a row festival, is dedicated to our great national music composer, who from a very early age decided to divide his life between music and struggles for humanitarian values. Experiencing his childhood in various cities of the Greek province, he came into contact with traditional Greek melodies from one side of the country to the other, which played a decisive role in shaping his later artistic career. His early choral works - such as the Troparion of Kassiani - arose because "There was a living tradition of our own in both ecclesiastical and choral works".

Wishing to share with you this musical heritage and under the guidance of distinguished artists and academic scholars of music and culture, the students will have the experience of a) Choral performance of byzantine hymns in the liturgical space and time of churches b) Performance of musical works in public spaces of our urban environment c) Specific educational programs and d) Creative assimilation of musical stimuli and innovative practices.

Final Concert in Ancient Theatre of Filippoi

Application Form

If you wish to participate in the above events, either as an Ensemble of Byzantine choir or Music Ensemble, please fill in the application form by Monday 15.01.2022.



Brief programme


Thursday 05.05.2022

  • 16:00 Experiential workshops
  • 20.30 Official opening of festival

Friday 06.05.2022

  • 16:00 Experiential workshops
  • 19:30 Presentation of Music Ensembles of participating Music Schools in selected places in the city of Kavala

Saturday 07.05.2022

  • 11:00 Experiential workshops
  • 17:00 Seminars- Lectures
  • 20:30 Traditional feast

Sunday 08.05.2022

  • 8:30 The participating Music Schools’ students will chant at the Divine Liturgy in the city churches
  • 11:00 Experiential workshops
  • 20:30 The participating Music Schools’ students will perform works of Byzantine, Greek traditional and Symphonic music in the Ancient Theatre of Philippi

Monday 09.05.2022

  • 10:00 Prizes and commemoratives
  • End of the Festival
  •   For more information you may contact Mr. Ioannis Kakaras, vice principle of the Music School of Kavala, via e-mail:
    Download teaching material here

    Terms and Conditions

    The Music Ensemble of your school will present a program of your choice in selected public places.
    Please note that the stage plan of your Music Ensemble will be sent to
    A template is attached here.
    In the following Experiential Workshops that will take place, the participating students will collaborate in a Music Ensemble and perform the works attached in this call for participation.
    1. Vocal Ensemble of European Music: Instructor/Conductor Emi Tsoura - Dimopoulou
    2. Instrumental Ensemble of Traditional Music: Instructor/Conductor Christos Tsiamoulis

    Please note that participating students are requested to have:
    • Black Folder
    • Music stand for musical instrument performers
    • Black outfit
    Requirement for the participation in the workshop of Vocal Ensemble of European Music conducted by Mrs. Emi Tsoura - Dimopoulou, is to send a recorded sample of the proposed works by your Ensemble to by Friday 01/04/2022 the latest a recorded short sample of chosen works of your vocal ensemble.
    Priority of all co – organizing parts will be the strict respect of the sanitary protocols against corona virus that will be in force during the days of the festival













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