Due to the protection measures that have been taken worldwide to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, we are re-scheduling our activities as follows:

Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (Greece – Kavala )
Activity (C1): Creation of a Choral Ensemble – Preparation and organization of an international student festival with parallel actions.
Initial dates 05-11th of May 2020
New dates 13 -17th of May 2021 (Travel days 12th and 18th of May 2021).

Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (Greece – Trikala )
Activity (C2): Visual depiction of "Angels"
No change in dates 23-27th of November 2020.
These dates will be finalized during the summer of 2020. If there is a need the activity will take place during 18-22nd of January 2021.

Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (Italy – Mazzarino)
Activity Details (C3): International Conference "Discovering the cultural roots of Europe through the Music Art"
No change in dates08 -12th of March 2021 (Travel days 07th and 13th March 2021)

Transnational Project Meetings (Portugal - Paredes de Coura)
Evaluation of the Project. Visits of sites of archaeological, historical and religious interest in the area.
Initial dates 13-16th of May 2021
New dates 24-27th of June 2021.

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